COVID-19 Update – Easterns + Southerns postponed

It is with tremendous disappointment I am formally announcing that the Easters and Southerns are to be postponed due to the very gradual easing of restrictions in relation to outdoor sports.

Next official government update is due in May which might start to give us some indication if our July events (DL Week + Inlands, Blessington) can go ahead

Northern Rep Paul Mclaughlin and Carrickfergus are confident there will be a Northerns in August. Hopefully by September for the Nationals lockdowns will be a distant memory! Additional dates later in the season will be considered with the host clubs for postponed events!

As always as soon as I have any definite decisions/updates I’ll post updates.

Stay safe,
RS Supreme Galactic Commander (Ireland)

Volvo Dun Laoighre Week

DL early entry finishes on the 31st of March – we currently have 3 x 400s registered We would need sufficient numbers to have our own starts for the 200s/400s – I appreciate it is very uncertain at the moment and there may be some clarity next week so in an attempt to gauge interest I’ve started the following poll! With vaccinations ramping up the summer might start looking hopeful…

Your insights would be appreciated!

2021 Feva Rep

I’m delighted to welcome Orna Tubridy as our Feva Rep for 2021 season!
There are a few things we nee to sort out with the Feva FB page and
other bits and pieces but I’m delighted to have Orna involved to be be
the voice of Fevas on the RS Committee!

COVID-19 Update – 2021 Events

Quick update on current plans/thinking for the 2021 season. We are
waiting for official updates to confirm what is or is not possible. We
are in regular contact with our hosts clubs for events scheduled this
season and will do our best to work with them and the relevant
guidelines in place at the time. Currently inter-country travel and
racing can only take place in Level 2. As soon as any firm decisions
or updates are available I’ll post them on facebook and send an email.
I hope everyone is staying safe and not going too crazy!

RS Committee 2021

  • General Committee:
    • Chairperson – Robbie O’Sullivan
    • Treasurer/Membership – Dave Mullally
    • RS Class Safeguarding Officer – Sarah Byrne
    • RS Class Designated Liaison Person – Canice Keane
  • Class Representatives:
    • 400 – Govan Berridge
    • Feva – Orna Tubridy
    • 200 – Jocyln Hill
    • Aeros – Brendan Foley
  • Regional Representatives:
    • East – Dara McDonagh
    • Inland – Dave Mullally
    • South – Jim Griffiths
    • North – Paul McLaughlin