Welcome to RS Ireland

RS Ireland was developed from the realisation that sailing in Ireland requires top level support for the easily accessible and sustainable RS Sailing classes.

Our support is equal for top level racers in the competitive RSAero, RS200 & RS400 classes while also providing the same support for training centres and clubs who yearn for the more dependable training boats such as the RS Quest & RS Zest.

We work very closely with RS Sailing and are proud to have been chosen by them to develop and support their culture, develop their class communities and work with them to develop the world’s largest small-sailboat brand. We hope you will love an RS as much as we do!


Underpinning the RS range are the infamous RS events. They’re organized by independent Class Associations and have characterized RS from the outset. The ethos is for fantastic racing on the water matched by a seriously good time ashore. We still talk about some huge events and legendary parties and, only slightly worryingly, every year there will be more.

Champions and inexperienced sailors rub shoulders socially, share tips and encouragement. The same atmosphere is there in youth and adult RS fleets. Stars of the future have grown up in RS classes – hardened Olympic level competitors enter for an injection of racing enjoyment.

We can’t say exactly how the RS atmosphere was created, but it holds a strong place in RS history and continues to be one of the reasons RS Sailing is loved by so many.

Each race-boat has a Class Association organising racing and training, maintaining the Rules and a website with info, news and forums.